Helping Businesses Grow Since 1992

George Black, Intigro’s founder and creator of The Next Level NavigatorTM process,
has worked alongside entrepreneurs, business owners and executive leadership teams to help them
increase their net worth and achieve their Next Level in the following:



  • High-End Office Systems Sales
  • Equipment Repair / Parts Sales


  • Law Firm
  • Architectural Firm
  • Advertising Agency
  • Oil Drilling Investments
  • Tax Protest Firm


  • Global Website Hosting
  • Manufacturing
  • Internet Marketing


  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Steel Shredding Operation
  • Metal Recycling
  • Home Building and Remodeling


  • Food Processing and Manufacturing

Not for Profit

  • Large Scale Residential Services and Programs
  • Multi-site Churches
  • Summer Camp

Success Stories



“George and Intigro have a process [The Next Level Navigator] that brings order to disarray. As George has done for Rackspace, he can help an organization of any size focus its efforts on the key drivers of success. Even more importantly his process gets people on the same page and ensures follow up and execution.”

~ Lew Moorman, President (former)

“George, thanks for the great offsite…It was a powerful session for The Rack.”
“You are having a great impact with us, and you make us better…”

~ Lanham Napier, CEO (former)

Strategy Integration
Executive Caddying
Strategic Offsites

Rackspace ~ Next Level Results
San Antonio, Texas – London, United Kingdom

  • Using The Success Multiplier Process, guided the corporate strategy development and implementation with The Next Level Navigator.
    • Over those 4 years, company revenues grew from $100m to $500m and employees increased from 800 to 2,200.
  • Provided direction to the strategic leadership teams towards the accomplishment of strategies and milestones and actions aligned to the Next Level.
  • Led all corporate strategy off-sites for the top 75 leaders and numerous other divisional and themed off-sites over 4 years.
  • Led strategy for the team establishing and growing the newly formed Enterprise division.
  • Project Manager for EVA (Economic Value Added) – implementing the use of the financial metric with a bonus plan.
  • Led numerous other projects including teams tackling data center issues, core values, engineering and project management improvement, new products, and team building.
  • Served as an Executive Caddy for some key leaders.

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“Through George’s financial direction, we were able to add a new $15m plant and grow our existing operations efficiently and effectively. George and the talented Intigro team really delivered.”

~ Chip Shirley, President


Newell Recycling ~ Next Level Results
Atlanta, Georgia

  • Developed and implemented the role of CFO for the company.
  • Implemented financial processes that improved profit margins and better-tracked results.
  • Created financial and behavioral metrics for each division so the executive team could better manage their day to day operations.
  • Directed the financing, legal details, and contract negotiations to build a second $15m+ plant utilizing a combination of Industrial Revenue Bonds, bank loans, and off balance sheet leasing. This world-class facility quadrupled the company’s capacity growing annual revenue from $25m to $70m in the year 2002. 

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“George strategized, negotiated and directed the financial strategy of our company, which resulted in a significant increase in our shareholders’ net worth.”

~ Douglas F. Carlberg, President


M2 Global ~ Next Level Results
San Antonio, Texas

  • Negotiated all the financial aspects of the purchase of two production lines from Harris Corporation to establish M2 Global Technology, Ltd.
  • Negotiated and established very favorable terms for 100% bank financing.
  • Delivered significant profits due to purchase and financing.
  • Established and directed the business infrastructure for the operations generating significant profits and building considerable equity in the first 3 years.

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kreyol logo

“There is no substitute for George’s range of expertise. His grasp of international business and banking allowed me to focus on what I do best:  marketing and promoting.”

~ Andrew Gordon, Director General


Kreyol Rice, S.A.Next Level Result
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • Developed the foreign entities and corporate structure with attorneys, negotiated Letters of Credit and established the international banking structure.
  • Designed and implemented the business infrastructure to support the production and marketing segments of the company.
  • Directed the business side of the operations maintaining all the foreign entities.
  • Negotiated rice supply purchases with vendors, projected cash flows and pricing, and delivered timely financials.

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