Does your corporate culture tend to ask more ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions?

Or, does it ask more ‘how’ questions?

‘What and why’ lead to strategy and ‘how’ leads to tactics. So, does your culture tend to be strategic or tactical?

It has been widely demonstrated that strategic businesses achieve more success than tactical ones. However, most corporate cultures lean toward tactical. They focus on solving immediate issues looking for immediate results which immediately leads to more tactics.

In this kind of culture, it is rare to find an overarching plan. Consequently, they may miss emerging market trends, competitor’s moves, slight signals within the company of serious future problems, etc. When the company does realize what is happening they react with more tactical plans.

Our Approach to Strategy

At Intigro, we want to bring a balance to your culture between tactical thinking and strategic thinking. To do this, we use an unbalanced approach that is heavily focused on business strategy implementation.

We call it Strategy Implementation™.

Strategic thinking requires training and practice. Our goal is for your corporate culture to begin:

  • Seeing the larger picture and any developing trends.
  • Anticipating and even predicting obstacles, competitor moves or market place shifts. 
  • Developing strategies that are fluid and responsive, and even alternate strategies.
  • Aligning the people and actions of the company to the corporate strategies.

Our Business Strategy

We begin by guiding the leadership in developing the long term and short plans for your business using our proprietary tools.

We have an easy way to get started using our Next Level Navigator™. We begin this first phase with the ownership and appropriate key leaders of the company. Every phase has deliverables, and this phase results in an intuitive, one page summary that shows everyone in the company where it is headed for the next 3 — 5 years.

The next phase, called The Next Step™, develops a one year plan that syncs to The Next Level Navigator™.

Business Strategy Implementation™ includes multiple phases with multiple steps. Based on our experience, we set a pace that the culture can absorb, so they can begin practicing strategic thinking regularly.

Contact Us to register for a session on how your culture can begin Strategy Implementation™ today to produce greater success in the future!