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Intigro’s History

George Black, business development CFO and entrepreneurial guideSince 1992, George Black and his company, Intigro, have been coming alongside entrepreneurs and their companies to help them breakthrough to their Next Level using strategy and actionable actions that make great financial sense!

Intigro’s clients have spanned from Manufacturing to Sales & Marketing, Professional firms to Shredding Steel, Tax Protest to Technology, International, Oil & Gas, Internet, Engineering, and even Non-Profits.

George’s passion is to offer entrepreneurial guidance so companies can breakthrough to their Next Level.

Intigro’s Transition

When he began working as an Outsource Chief Financial Officer (CFO) almost 25 years ago, he would ask the business owner where was their company headed? Most often he would receive a tactical answer like grow sales, expand locations, increase production, etc.

George Black discovered that Intigro’s best work resulted when there was a clear strategic direction from the client. So, by 2002 he had formalized his process to transform tactical thinking into strategic positioning calling it: The Next Level Navigator process.

After experiencing great results using The Navigator process for several years at Rackspace (NYSE: RAX), the #1 managed cloud company, George Black began to ask: “How can I make this process easily accessible and affordable to every entrepreneur on the planet?”

That question led him to begin writing a story that would lead the reader into discovering their entrepreneurial itch and guide them through The Next Level Navigator process, including exercises to do The Navigator for themselves or their company.

George Black’s book: Dear Mr. A ~ letters revealing the secrets of an entrepreneur was published on Amazon Kindle in 2013.

Intigro’s Future

Today, Intigro continues to engage companies through their services: Outsource CFO, Strategy Integration, Executive Caddying, or Strategic Off-sites. The Next Level for Intigro is to establish The Intigro Community for Entrepreneurs to encourage, energize, and equip them. Watch for it!

Ready, Aim, Grow!