Professional Speaker

Drawing upon his extensive experiences as a “Business Engineer” who orchestrates companies to their Next Level. Intigro’s founder, George Black, is able to easily connect with entrepreneurs, business leaders and owners as an executive speaker.

His thought-provoking speaking engagements are loaded with insightful perspectives, boundless energy and fresh creativity, that will benefit any company.

Set within the framework of Intigro’s Next Level Navigator process, George’s presentations are interspersed with real world business stories, energizing film clips, and practical examples. This approach keeps the discussions’ esoteric concepts grounded in more tangible day-to-day realities.

Concentrating on the financial facets of the business world, George’s aim is to improve peoples’ businesses, and as a result, improve their lives.

The different speaking formats are:

The Facilitator is like bringing an outside speaker to your group, but instead of speaking, encourages everyone else to speak by drawing out every participant’s best ideas in an energizing, creative, and result-oriented discussion.

The Success Labs™ are workshops designed for multiple companies to send 2 to 4 of their top key leaders to be equipped to lead their companies to their Next Level. Each workshop is part of a series that builds on itself that are 1 and a half days in length.

Sample Talks gives an idea of the kind of talks offered by George that can range 30 to 60 minutes in length. Contact Us to identify a customized speaking engagement that will benefit your club, organization or company.

Speaking > sample topics

Years of experience as a business owner and Business Engineer have bestowed Intigro’s founder, George Black, with unique insights and valuable wisdom. His groundbreaking perspectives and approaches provide companies the tools and mentality to harness their energies and gain the momentum necessary to attain their Next Level. His executive speaking topics are diverse and malleable to the issues at hand. Below is a sampling of his more popular speaking topics.

The Profit Accelerator™

Building profits and equity is the key to taking your company to its Next Level. This fast-paced brainstorming session generates ideas that are the catalysts for generating profits and growing equity.

Empowering the Owner and the Team

Success doesn’t need to be a prison for business owners and leaders. There are ways to gain freedom from extraneous responsibilities and build your business by remaining true to your strengths and talents.

Getting the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time

People generate better work and perform more efficiently when they are passionate about their job. The importance of finding the right people to fill key positions within your company involves more than resumes. It involves chemistry and drive.

Creating a Customer-Centric Environment

Customers are the lifeblood of every company yet often a company is too focused internally to address their needs and wants. There are ways to transform your company’s culture so that it looks outwards towards your customers, as well.

Authentic Swing™

Your passions and strengths are what made your business successful and will continue to do so, if they are not forgotten. Rediscovering them will help you grow your business by staying true to what got you where you are.

Profit Secrets Inside Your Own Financials

Profit-increasing opportunities are often buried within your Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Finding them and maximizing them creates opportunities for your company to grow faster and more efficiently.

Planing Your Next Event

George creates excitement and empowerment for entrepreneurs and employees alike to further themselves to become assets wherever they are. He also fosters engaging conversation and introspection to make the most out of his time with his audience.

If you are looking for an executive speaker for your next corporate off-site or corporate event, please reach out and let us know how we can make your next event a success.