Intigro’s Core ProcessThe Next Level Navigator - Breaking The Success Barrier

Every Intigro strategy is built upon the foundation of The Next Level Navigator™ process. This proprietary business growth strategy elevates our clients to their Next Level by transforming their companies internally, thereby increasing their profitability.

The Approach

The Next Level Navigator takes an entrepreneur / owner / leadership centric™ approach, which means all the leadership is involved in the development of the Next Level and its growth strategies. This speeds the receptivity, participation, and ultimate strategy implementation throughout the rest of the organization.

The Navigator process focuses a company’s leadership on the four key elements of busines that we have identified as crucial to any company’s success: Profits, People, Operations, and Strategic. The Next Level Navigator ensures that a businesses growth strategies are balanced and proportionate to these 4 elements. As the strategies contained in each element are accomplished the company’s progress to its Next Level is both strengthened and synchronized.

Intigro has learned that companies that pursue growth strategies in only 1 or 2 elements rarely break through to their Next Level.

Reaching the Next Level

A company’s Next Level lies over the horizon. It can be known, but how to get there is not.

Typically, a Next Level can take about 3 – 5 years to achieve resulting in new heights of success. The challenge is how to envision the Next Level.

In our years of research and experience we have found that there are typically 3 stages in the cycle to reaching the Next Level. Perhaps our illustration will help you understand where your business is so that you can take the appropriate steps to reach new heights.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.31.48 PMStage 1: Startup or Organized or Simple. This when the entrepreneur (s) / leadership can easily get around all the elements of the company. They are represented by the grey circle in the image to the left and can manage every aspect of the company. In fact, managing these aspects is not a burden and probably fun providing the desired fulfillment.

business development for small business and entrepreneursStage 2: Growing Pains. The company is experiencing success and has grown in size and complexity. The grey circle has breaks in it because the entrepreneur(s) / leadership are having a harder time getting around all the elements of the company. So, it begins to feel inefficient and chaotic. In fact, you will notice the curving path bouncing off the Success Barrier. In other words, no matter how the company measures growth or success that metric will surge and then fall back, as if there is imaginary ceiling (Success Barrier) holding them back. Many companies end up in this stressful bouncing patterns for years.

business development coachStage 3. Organizing the Chaos: The companies decides to enter The Next Level Navigator process. In this step the paradigm shifts begins with the entrepreneur (s )/ leadership. They identify their Next Level, strengths to keep, weaknesses to discard, and Next Step Strategies to reach their Next Level. The process provides for all of this.

This shift now provides the leadership the opportunity to achieve the Next Step Strategies which typically take 6 to 12 months; and keep setting new ones until the Next Level is reached.

Next level navigator business developmentStage 4. The Next Level: The company at all levels is empowered, focused and released. The entrepreneur (s)/ leadership lead all the elements of the company, rather than trying to get around them. Their defined Next Level has been achieved, typically in 3 – 5 years.

Now is the time to develop a new Navigator, or wait until they hit all new Success Barriers which will delay that new Next Level by years!

The Navigator is well suited for companies at any stage: startups, growing companies and mature companies (who are willing to reinvent themselves). It produces success every time it’s used, plus…

It’s a great tool to align teams, recruit employees, and convince investors!

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