When was the last time your business had an “out of company” experience?

All companies need to periodically step back from their day-to-day operations with its key leaders and take a strategic look at the company. Most companies do this, few do it well.

Yes, we are referring to the often dreaded corporate offsite (or on-site in the “conference room”, if the budget is tight). Have you ever attended one of these?

At Intigro, we recognize the incalculable loss of man hours and waste of money on ineffective corporate offsites that may have as much impact on a company, as throwing a rock in the ocean will have in raising the sea level.

Our Strategic Offsite Solution

We have years of experience developing energizing, creative offsites for companies that draw out every participants’ best thinking while producing actionable deliverables. Our success is based on the following:

  • Our corporate offsites are relaxing, enjoyable, and highly productive because we lead with a well-paced, intentional agenda that is invisible to the participants.
  • We establish a clear purpose and outcome(s) for the offsite.
  • Often we have multiple “story lines” running throughout an off-site which enables the delivery of multiple outcomes.
  • Our offsites are filled with multi-media to illustrate issues, stir everyone’s imagination and draw great ideas from all the participants.
  • We have a facilitation process and tools that encourage every attendee’s participation, captures their best ideas, and distills it all into clear action plan, regardless of the size of the group.
  • We are a neutral party toward the outcomes, but we are ruthless about delivering them.
  • There is NEVER any work left over to do after a corporate offsite. The results from the strategic offsite are ready to be acted on the next day, and everyone knows their role!

Bottom-line: we make the corporate offsite easy for all the leadership to fully engage, and your company’s “sea level” will rise after an Intigro facilitated off-site.

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