Our Unique

Business CaddieTM Process

Much More Than Business Coaching

We do more than simply consult to improve performance with out clients; we help make their opportunities actual realities. We walk one on one with leaders to navigate their company’s challenges and obstacles. Like a golf caddie, our process is to strategize and support the leader’s “next shot” for them to have bigger wins.

That’s why we describe our process as being your Business Caddie™.

Have you ever wondered why the top golfers in the world have caddies?

Are they only there to hand a golf club to the pro? Or, carry their golf bag? Or, is there more?

The movie: The Legend of Baggar Vance, recounts the story of Bagger Vance, a caddie, who mysteriously appears to help restore the golf swing of Rannulph Junah, the greatest golfer in Savannah.

Throughout the story we are taken “behind the curtain” and given glimpses of how important a great caddie is to a golfer.

Bagger reveals that caddies “walk the course at night to help the golfer get a leg up on their competition”. They help the golfer strategize the approach to each hole. They remind the golfer how to play into their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. They may even urge the golfer to take risks in one moment, and play it safe in another.

And in this classic scene Junah is all alone, hitting balls out into the dark when Bagger emerges. He cleverly establishes his purpose with Junah: “Well, you lost your swing. We got to go find it.”

The Key to Great Caddies:

The best caddies know that in the end it is only the golfer who decides the shot, takes the swing, hits the ball, and wins the championship.

At Intigro we recognize the same: it is up to you to weigh the risks, make the decision, lead the action, and win.

A great business caddie has walked the world of business, strategizes your business situation, knows your corporate culture, considers the various financial impacts, and most importantly learns you and what works best for you.

But, beyond all of that a great business caddie knows how to draw out the true you to lead to those big wins. That’s why a business caddie does more than traditional executive coaching.


Executive coaching focuses on overall performance management and improving effectiveness, which can have a positive impact on workplace performance.

However, as a business caddie our focus is to help you have big and bigger wins against your company’s competitors.

We have no turf to defend, no promotion to pursue, no politics to play inside your company. We are for you and your company to win! We go beyond executive coaching and we are that sounding board, confidant, strategizing catalyst, “greens” walker, etc. just for you.

We focus on the situation at hand, i.e. the “course” on which you are currently engaged, and we caddie you through to the “final hole”.

Our Business Caddie™ Process

Is very much a part of our success as Outsource CFO’s. This process is also easily accessed through our Virtual CFO services and Business Building Sessions.

So, if there are times you feel alone – like you are just hitting balls blindly into the dark – and need something more than executive coaching, get in touch with us.

Let’s find out if we might be the right Business Caddie™ for you!

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