For those Ready to Grow through the monthly use of our services, then…

The Integrated Engagement is best for you and your company.

  • Customized to the needs of you and your company integrating all of our services: Outsource CFO, Strategy Integration, Executive Caddying, and Strategic Off-sites.
  • Increasing the strategic focus of the company and guiding the strategies to accomplishment.
  • Typical results are increased profitability and greater efficiencies, more time, and better focus.


  • Developing The Next Level Navigator as found in the book and the other packages, except we do more of the work to deliver the final product.
  • Developing Page 2 of The Navigator.
  • Meeting weekly (depending on package) with the owner / leadership to develop.
  • Documenting and utilizing all strategies and actions in The Navigator or for in the future.
  • Strengthen the owner / leadership’s strategic thinking while incorporating this mindset into the culture by incorporating The Navigator into the everyday life of the company’s culture.
  • Once The Navigator is complete using it to tackle key issues on The Navigator, as well as providing guidance on profits, people, and operations.

Monthly Ongoing includes working together each week: $2,195.00 per month.

Half Monthly Ongoing includes working together every other week: $1,245.00 per month.

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