Designed for entrepreneurial Self-Starters

Who want to go beyond Dear Mr. A in developing their Next Level Navigator.

By purchasing this resource, you are engaging Intigro to come alongside you in 9 live coaching sessions via Skype or phone at your own pace. The sessions follow the applications that Mr. A used with Max. However, The Navigator Developer deepens the process with more instructions, personal coaching, and helpful forms.

TIP: We have discovered that the clearer and more specific a person writes their Navigator, the greater the odds of achievement.

Therefore, we have designed the 9 sessions to refine your entrepreneurial inclinations and develop a compelling Next Level Navigator specifically for your endeavor. During the final session we will review and make suggestions to your Navigator.

How The Developer works:

  • Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email with an outline of the 9 sessions, instructions for each session, and all the forms you will need.
  • You may then schedule your 1st session via the link provided and any or all of your remaining sessions. It is your choice how fast you would like to go.
  • For the first 8 sessions:
    • Print out and review the session instructions and forms.
    • Each session will begin with a coaching call from Intigro to guide you in how to do the session and use the forms.
    • You will then complete the session at your own pace.
  • For the final session:
    • Prior to the session you will email Intigro your latest Next Level Navigator version.
    • It will be reviewed by the Intigro team.
    • The final session call will be with George Black.
    • The session will begin with your 3 minute Navigator overview presentation (session 8). Then you and George will go through the 3 sections of your Navigator to refine, clarify and enhance the document. Typically these session last 1 to 1.5 hours.
    • After the session you may make any final edits to your Navigator, and begin your 1st step.

Uses of your new Next Level Navigator:

  • The Navigator is a great way to quickly inform and inspire investors, potential partners, and employees about your entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Make laminated copies for you and your leadership team as a daily reminder of the Next Level direction of the company.
  • Use it as the agenda for strategic leadership team meetings to keep the company focus on its Next Level.

Please note that all copyrighted and trademark materials remain the property of Intigro, Inc.; however, the resulting Navigator is yours to keep.

purchase price: $595.00


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