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Have you ever seen a football game, where it seems the ball always “bounces” in the right direction for one team and never for the other?  Below is an amazing illustration of the “bounce” for the visiting football team, Trinity University.

This play became known as the Trinity Miracle – consider it an analogy for the world of commerce.  The field is the economy and the ball represents opportunities.

In good economic times balls are bouncing in abundance, allowing even fairly good teams to grab one and score.  In tough economic times balls are still bouncing, they are just few and far between.  So, it is only the great teams that can grab a ball and score.

Let’s analyze the play a little further.  There are 2 seconds left in the game, Trinity is 2 points behind and this play actually extended the game an additional 60 precious seconds.  This is the equivalent of  adding 6 days to a company’s fiscal year!  Imagine that kind of advantage!

But there is more:  15 laterals, and virtually every player played multiple positions.  Did they practice this play?  Nope.  Did they call this play in the huddle?  How could they? – it wasn’t even in their playbook.

So, how did they do it?  What is the larger application to be gleaned from this “miracle play”.

First, they knew their goal: the end-zone.  Sure, team’s need goals.  But more deeply, a team / company need to know their purpose, especially within a given time frame.

Second, they had a strategy: keep the ball alive, get it to someone open, and run it into the end zone.  A good strategy is fluid and reacts to the situation at hand.

Third, and a real key – they found a way: 15 tries, but they scored! This goes beyond team; beyond knowing roles, plays, and responsibilities.

To find a way against all odds, well, that requires relationships. Knowing who has your back, each other’s true strengths, who you can count on in the heat of battle – it is those kinds of relationships that find a way.

Experiment with this idea:   Consider these clues in leading an enterprise to capture those economic opportunities that are out there! They are out there, and there is a team that will grab them!


George Black ~ Author, Strategist, and Outsource CFO ~ works alongside entrepreneurs, business owners and leadership teams to help companies increase profits and break through to their Next Level. CREATOR of The Next Level Navigator, George details this highly effective strategic process in his book: DEAR MR. A ~ letters revealing the secrets of an entrepreneur. Now available on Amazon Kindle.

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