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Ways Public Speaking Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably discovered that versatility is a key to great success. Often, a wide variety of skills in areas like marketing, cash management, and customer service are a must and go far beyond just creating a desirable product or service.

One skill that both entrepreneurs and business owners need is public speaking. Typically, this skill does not come naturally, but fortunately, it can be learned and developed. Whether it’s speaking to a small group of employees or a large group of people, entrepreneurs need to communicate effectively to achieve success.

5 reasons to hone your public speaking skills:

1. Build greater confidence and self-esteem

A lack of self-esteem often poses a major barrier to public speaking. You might not feel confident in your words, voice or appearance. As you improve your speaking abilities, you’ll gain greater confidence at the same time. This can help you in leading staff members and promoting your business.

2. Accomplish a wide range of practical goals

Although you may not need to speak publicly on a regular basis, this skill becomes valuable in other situations: for instance, as you speak to a group of employees at a staff meeting you can be more engaging and on point. If you need to address a crowd at a special event or an impromptu moment to express your thoughts to a group, you will be ready. Even, one on one encounters will be better as you improve as a public speaker.

3. Be more engaging in personal conversations

Public speaking can help an entrepreneur become confident in their ability to handle one-on-one discussions. This proves valuable because customers often prefer business owners who develop friendly relationships with them. A client feels appreciated and important when you take the time to talk, listen and remember.

4. Discover how to express yourself more concisely

Regardless of whether you speak to a huge audience or one employee, it’s crucial to avoid using too many words. People don’t always have much time to spare. A succinct statement holds the listener’s attention and clarifies your message. It also gives others more time to express themselves.

5. Learn to perfect your 30-second, “elevator” pitch

When you meet people who could benefit from your firm in some way, it’s helpful to have a quick “elevator speech” that you can confidently deliver. This may come in handy if a person asks about your career or business. The pitch will clearly explain what you have to offer and highlight its unique benefits. Plus, by developing your public speaking skills you will be more engaging and genuinely animated.

Public speaking skills are not improved overnight. Like anything, it takes some training, practice and repetition to become effective. So, seek out public speaking opportunities as great practice.

In fact, there are organizations dedicated to helping people speak better publicly; you might want to consider one. Plus, business mentors can be an invaluable help to entrepreneurs in developing these skills and other vital communication abilities. Regardless, pursue this skill and start experiencing new found successes!


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