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“But, how do I achieve balance in my life?”  A question asked in response to the previous blog posting:  “I need more margin…”.

So, how do we not get caught up in all the distractions and busyness of life?

To answer these questions we need to step back and look at our life.  For many, we “grind it out” day after day without thinking about what is actually happening to us.  Life dishes it out and we just take it.

At times life can be like living in a boxing ring: it is just one fight after another.  This is brilliantly captured in the depression era story of Jim Braddock, the Cinderella Man.

This clip from the movie Cinderella Man is rough, however in this scene Jim realizes through several flashbacks what he is really fighting for and it motivates him to… well, see for yourself:

I am convinced that at the core of every person, no matter our condition, relationships matter the most – whether they are a spouse, kids, family, friends, co-workers, etc.  We are intended for relationship.

In the fight when Jim has flashbacks: he sees the faces of his children, the kids eating bread in the breadline, the face of his wife, and past due bills- only then does he realize what he is truly fighting for, and it is not fame or fortune or power.

Jim took the best shot of his opponent, rises up, and regains his balance; because he is now fighting for what really matters. Only then, does he truly win!

Like Jim, if we know what matters the most to us and we pursue it, then we have a chance to “rise up off the mat” and fight back against all the distractions and busyness to pursue what really matters.

Experiment with this idea:  So, stop – push everything away for a moment – and answer the question:  what really matters the most?  You may only catch a glimpse, right now.  It may be blurry, that is o.k. – but try to focus, try to remember – what is it that really matters?

What do you see in your “flashback”?

Reorient yourself in that direction, even if you stagger and wander off course, keep moving in that direction.  Keep asking and pursuing what really matters the most.  It will become clearer and clearer.

And in time, a new balance will emerge, and margin will be less of an issue; because you are oriented and pursuing what really matters!

George Black ~ Author, Strategist, and Outsource CFO ~ works alongside entrepreneurs, business owners and leadership teams to help companies increase profits and break through to their Next Level. CREATOR of The Next Level Navigator, George details this highly effective strategic process in his book: DEAR MR. A ~ letters revealing the secrets of an entrepreneur. Now available on Amazon Kindle.

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