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A Quick Guide To Entrepreneurial Life Balance

There are Times When “On”trepreneurs Need to be “Off”trepreneurs

Entrepreneurs appreciate the freedom to decide how they want to run their businesses. Many also benefit from flexible schedules and unlimited potential earnings. However, they also tend to overwork themselves. Most work over 60 hours per week, according to Inc Magazine.

So as a gentle “public service announcement”, we’d suggest definitely taking time off for any of the following situations:

1. You are expected to attend a major family event

A few examples include reunions, weddings, Thanksgiving meal, etc. Don’t miss a memorable occasion to put in another day of work. If possible, postpone tasks or pay a trusted employee to take your place. And definitely, do not sneak in a little work (via your phone or tablet) while at the event.

2. Key relationships have begun to suffer

Never allow excessive work to ruin your relationship with a spouse, child or best friend. Make sure you always have enough time to enjoy activities with other people. Fully immerse yourself with them and be present!

Remember, it’s both quality time and quantity time.

3. You have no vacation time throughout the year

To maximize productivity, an entrepreneur needs to get away and the escape stress at least occasionally. Many people actually accomplish less by working too many days and hours. If you never take time off, the business will suffer as your health and creativity decline.

Doing the opposite has been proven to increase productivity and effectiveness. Take 2 days in a row and do nothing work related, instead do at least 1 thing you really enjoy (other than work). The 3rd you return work, you will find yourself more rejuvenated, fresh and focused. Try it!

4. Your motto becomes “the end justifies the means”

This can happen when you undergo too much stress, you find yourself just “grinding” out the work, and it begins to seem meaningless. For instance, you might start to cut corners or fool others just trying to boost profits. A vacation can help you remember and rediscover the reasons why you became an entrepreneur and regain a healthy perspective.

5. Work is the only focus in your life

You probably need time off if you are constantly thinking about work and prioritizing it above everything else. Don’t let your original entrepreneurial passion rob you of hobbies, recreation or fitness. For instance, a Swedish study revealed that people accomplish more when they work 150 fewer minutes per week and devote the time to exercise.

Plus, without interests outside of work you will become a rather dull and uninteresting person to be around. Ever thought about that?

Fight for Life Balance

It’s not always easy to find balance. You may feel as if taking off any amount of time could destroy your company. This is a common fear among business owners. Fortunately, Intigro’s business mentoring service can supply the personalized guidance, advice and inspiration you need.

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Obviously, there are no guarantees of success; however, if you do the above, your chances for success are improved.

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