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In today’s economy, companies are encountering stiff, economic headwinds.  As a result, many company leaders settle – trying to simply achieve last year’s numbers, only to find themselves falling further behind.

For the entrepreneur / owner / leader the better strategy would be to discern their company’s Next Level and aim for that.  Defy conventional wisdom!

Intigro’s Next Level approach shifts the leadership’s mindset from maintaing the past to the proactively shaping the future.

When the entrepreneur retargets the company, the question often is “what is the biggest problem we should focus on?”.  Many companies misstep at this point by limiting their focus to one or maybe, two areas.  This allows lesser concerns to languish only to become larger problems, later.

At Intigro we have found that by developing strategies around the following four elements, all areas of the company are impacted more or less simultaneously, propelling a company to achieve its Next Level:

Accelerate Profits to build profit momentum like a head of steam with which the company can breakthrough to its Next Level.

Empower the Leadership by inspiring and equipping them with strategy and skills to begin operating at the Next Level, so the company can follow.

Cultivate the Team by aligning them to the Next Level in relation to the leadership’s true talents and each team member’s giftedness.

Operate from the Corporate DNA by building on the company’s strengths, identifying internal success barriers, and implementing actions to overcome them.

These four elements are at the heart of Intigro’s The Success Multiplier™, a proven transformational process to greater success.

Experiment with this idea:   Focus on these four elements at your company and share your experiences with us.

George Black ~ Author, Strategist, and Outsource CFO ~ works alongside entrepreneurs, business owners and leadership teams to help companies increase profits and break through to their Next Level. CREATOR of The Next Level Navigator, George details this highly effective strategic process in his book: DEAR MR. A ~ letters revealing the secrets of an entrepreneur. Now available on Amazon Kindle.

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