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Build Your Business Today with George Black Outsource CFOHow Business Building Sessions Can Jump Start Your Company

Has your business plateaued with lackluster profits? Are you still not seeing the expansion you’ve hoped for your business, even after becoming established?

Live Business Building Sessions with George Black at Intigro may be just the ticket to take your company from stuck to sensational.

Who Is George Black?

Since 1992, George has been helping entrepreneurs and their companies move from stumbling  mode to growth mode. He brings a wealth of experience having worked with numerous companies across a wide range of industries.

Until now, sessions with George were only offered to companies working with Intigro on a monthly basis. Now, these sessions are available to any entrepreneur without the monthly engagement. These one-on-one Business Building Sessions with George will give you the information you need, when you need it, to achieve the results you are after.

How Do Business Building Sessions Work?

The sessions can be about anything you need help with, and you can schedule as many sessions as you need. The topic is whatever you would like it to be. You can ask for guidance about a specific burning issue, get advice about a business decision, find out how to overcome financial obstacles or learn more about the back end of your business.

Based on your pre-session written description, George will ask a few questions to clarify your issue, and then engage with you to provide answers and/or develop strategies for your specific issues. Typically, each session ends with steps to take to begin achieving the results you want.

Which Business Building Topics Can George Address?

George has the experience and knowledge to address many, many issues related to the business side of your company. His focus is on results, and his forte is helping entrepreneurs increase profits by taking specific steps. George has been an Outsource CFO for many companies, and he has a great track record of helping entrepreneurs to reach their goals. So, the list of possible topics is virtually endless. Click here for a short list of previous topics in the sidebar.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

George’s business building sessions are results-focused, so the lion’s share of your session will be spent developing concrete strategies and actions to solve your problem.

Basically, the sooner you implement the actions, the faster you’ll begin to the move the needle toward breakthrough. One caveat: as you know, there are no guarantees of success in the business world due to ever changing circumstances.

How long are the sessions?

Single sessions last for 50 minutes. These sessions are intense. The more focus you bring to the session, the more you will learn and the more successful your efforts can be. It’s best to start with a single session, although double sessions of 110 minutes are another option. It’s best to try one session and see if you are satisfied with your progress, sign up for another.

How Many Sessions Do I Need To Solve A Problem?

It all depends! How thick is the problem?

To ask it another way, how many whacks does it take to chop down a tree? It depends how thick the tree is. A small sapling can be felled with one good whack! Larger trees can take a few more whacks.

The goal in each session is to give your issue such a strong whack that you don’t need to come back. But, that’s not always possible. However, to reinforce “the whack” of the session, you will also receive a video of your session for review.

If it turns out that your issue is extensive, and it may take numerous sessions, then it might be advisable and more effective to upgrade to Intigro’s Virtual CFO service.

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