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Different Types of Procrastinators and Recipes for Them

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Which Procrastinator Personality Type Are You!?!

Some people mistake procrastination with being lazy. They are wrong. It’s not that you don’t want to get that task done as soon as possible. You’re constantly thinking about it, but something doesn’t let you tackle it.

Let’s say you’re supposed to write an important email message to a client; for example, reporting everything about the progress of the current marketing campaign. You know you have to do that and you want to do it as soon as possible, but you keep finding something that seems really important at the moment. You respond to other emails, answer social media comments, publish a blog post, clean the entire house, organize your closet, and do lots of other useful things, but you keep avoiding that very important task.

Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University, found the right words to describe this problem: To tell a chronic procrastinator: “just do it” would be like saying to a clinically depressed person, “cheer up”.

Let’s step away from the cliché advice like you can do it, just do the work! We’ll look at procrastination from a different angle: your personality type. Different people procrastinate in different ways. Find the personality type with which you identify, and you’ll find precise tips on how to overcome this habit.

Personality Type: Rebel

You don’t like playing by the rules, do you? When someone sets a deadline on you and you’re aware of the fact that you need to organize your time to finish everything on schedule, something inside you doesn’t allow you to do that. With this personality type, ego and pride are the main causes of procrastination. You want to set your own rules and you don’t want anyone else to impose control on you.

Here is your remedy: You don’t have to set any rules if you don’t like them, instead just think: do you want to do those important tasks? Are they relevant to the goals you want to achieve? Relate every single activity to your long-term goals, and you’ll realize their significance. Hence, you’ll understand that no one is torturing you by requesting a project, business report, presentation, or anything else. And you’re definitely not torturing yourself when the goal is personal and professional progress. You’re the boss, and now you want to do this.

Personality Type: Over-Achiever

Are you constantly busy with too many things on your schedule? You can’t commit to a certain task 100% because you have dozens of other things to do in a day? You have a big problem: inability to set priorities. And, that’s exactly where your solution is.

Here is your remedy: When someone asks you for yet another favor, you will just say “no”. Make a list of the most important tasks you have to complete. Fill in your calendar with deadlines and progressive steps towards their achievements. If you have any space left, you can do something else with your time. Just don’t suffocate your schedule with unimportant choices that cause you to procrastinate.

Personality Type: Adrenaline Addict

You just love being pushed to your very limits, don’t you? You are a dramatic person, who’s addicted to adrenaline rushes. That’s why you keep delaying the start of important papers, because you feel alive only when you’re under stress.

Here is your remedy: You need to relax. Hyperactivity is a natural state of being for some people, but you cannot be hyperactive 100% of the time. Take the time to dive into your own mind. Relax, quiet down, and you’ll find the peace within. Then, you’ll realize that there’s no harm in methodical work. You can still feed your hunger for adventure through hiking, climbing, diving, and traveling. Put them on the calendar. For all the other days, just do your work on time and reward yourself with adventure days!

Personality Type: Worrier

You are so burdened by this important task that you feel like you could never do or complete. For instance, the moment you see a blank page on the computer, you start worrying that you’ll never write a great report. So, you keep delaying the task because you cannot handle the pressure. You are afraid of other people’s opinions and you want to make everyone proud. You have one main problem: lack of self-confidence coupled with security needs.

Here is your remedy: The only way to build your self-confidence and satisfy your security needs is by organizing your time and following that schedule as precisely as possible. It will be hard to make the first steps, so make them simple and small. For example, research the Internet for the first day. Then, proceed with selecting important choices. You’ll start getting ideas before you know it, and you’ll find yourself working on that task without thinking about the pressure of expectations. If you still can’t get rid of the burden, keep reminding yourself that you’re doing your best. If you keep doing the work, you’ll achieve great results. Just try it, you’ll see.

Did you recognize yourself somewhere among these personality types? Do you have experience with procrastination? Please, share them with us.

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