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NOTE: This review was originally published June, 2016 by Sam Ball of Bolton, England. He has allowed us to repost it. You can follow Sam on Twitter @thesamball.

A Summary of Dear Mr. A

This week’s book review is on Dear Mr. A, written by George Black. George recently contacted me on Twitter and asked me to review his book, Dear Mr A.

Dear Mr A is a basically a book set in the 30s/40s which is basically a collection of letters between a young guy Max, and an entrepreneur, Mr A. Mr A is a successful well-known entrepreneur, and Max writes to him asking for advice, Mr A responds and the two develop a friendship which lasts for years. The letters cover the period of Max’s first letter until Max sets up his own business, after following Mr A’s advice. Every now and again there is advice from the author about Mr A’s advice and how to apply it.

It’s explained at the beginning of the book that Mr A is a sage, where a sage is someone who brings profound wisdom, insight, and discernment to the person they are guiding. It’s recommended you find your own sage in real life, but if you can’t find them in books, such as Dear Mr A. Perhaps if you sent a letter to someone you admire you could end up with a sage, just like Max did.

I really liked this book, the format of it, mainly consisting of letters, made it very interesting. Mr A’s advice was great, and even though it’s advice from the 40s, it’s every bit as applicable today. The book was also an easy read, mainly because the letters were short, interesting and useful. There were lots of

Great Tips and Ideas in this book,

Here are a few of my favourites:

  • As we mature, our dreams become more outward focused rather than inward focused.
  • One way to our deepest desires is through our dreams.
  • Follow your heart for it is the truest part of you.
  • If you settle, what will the world have lost?
  • Doing nothing could cost us everything.
  • When dealing with disruption, don’t ask why, ask what now?
  • The true mark of an entrepreneur is visioning opportunity where others do not.
  • Pursue with wisdom, not haste.
  • Shoot less, hit more.
  • A successful strategy shapes the future, a successful tactic achieves a goal.
  • The best assurance of success is the intense look in the eye of the entrepreneur, and the fire in his belly to succeed, no matter what.

There were lots more in the book. This is a great book for someone just starting out in business too. There was so much wisdom and motivation. This is why I think that as good as the points above I picked up where there are likely to be lots more in there that wouldn’t be picked up until the second or third read. If you’re just getting started it really is a book you could read and learn from over and over again.

A Big Part of

Dear Mr A was The Next Level Navigator. which is a method Mr A came up with for helping your business get to the next level. It really is great and laid out in a way which is easy to understand and apply to your own business. It’s worth reading the book for this alone, even without all the other great stuff in it. The next level navigator is really something that could save entrepreneurs trying to grow their business a lot of time and hassle.


I loved this book, I thought it was great, easy to read and understand. If you run a small business or you’re a solopreneur I can’t recommend strongly enough that you check this book out. Here is the link to the Amazon page if you want to (this isn’t an affiliate link and I in no way benefit if you click this or buy the book):

I hope you’ve enjoyed this book review. If you’ve read this book feel free to post a comment saying what you thought, I’d love to hear, or if you go away and read this book, feel free to come back and post a comment saying what you thought also.


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If you are considering launching a business or growing your ongoing company, check out Dear Mr. A for creating a strategy around your passions. The Next Level Navigator strategy process is a great crowdfunding tool! Click here to look inside Dear Mr. A.

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