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build good weekly habits like successful businessmenModel Success with These Weekly Habits

If you run a business, you might wonder why some owners and executives seem to attain success far more easily than others. Many factors contribute to a person’s achievements, such as intelligence, skills, charisma, timing and luck. Simple daily and weekly habits also play a huge role in commercial success. You may find that you accomplish more with less effort after making a few adjustments to your routine:

1. Start each day in a wise and predictable manner

People behave more energetically, think positively and solve problems faster when they wake up early in the morning. Try to rise at the same hour every day, and consider using a loud alarm clock with no snooze button. After you emerge from the bedroom, take the time to prepare a nutritious breakfast that supplies plenty of protein. Foods like oatmeal, eggs and healthy cereals enable people to work energetically and stay focused.

2. Create a detailed plan for the week ahead

This will prevent you from wasting time by looking for things to do after finishing each project. Planning usually doesn’t demand as much mental effort as other work; try not to devote your morning energy to it. Consider developing weekly plans during late Friday or Sunday. Write a priority-based list of tasks, and compose a fairly thorough schedule. As you plan ahead, remember to keep short- and long-term goals in mind.

3. Set aside considerable amounts of time to think about your business

Billionaire executives like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have benefited from doing so. Take this task seriously; don’t attempt to cram it into the last few minutes of your lunch break. Reserve specific days or hours to develop new ideas, reassess existing strategies, set goals and brainstorm solutions to problems. Write down potentially useful thoughts before you forget them. You may discover that your creativity improves when you venture outdoors.

4. Many successful businessmen exercise on a regular basis.

This habit increases productivity and helps reduce stress, according to the results of various studies. Healthy people miss fewer workdays due to illness. Physical activity also creates prosperity by enhancing memory and other brain functions. Consider jogging, walking a few miles or playing an active sport like racquetball. Visit a local fitness center when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Carry a pocket notebook while you exercise; great ideas may surface during a workout.

5. Take steps to gain the trust of employees, partners and clients.

A company can accomplish much more when people have faith in each other. Honesty alone will not always build trust. Listen to people and strive to recognize the most stressful aspects of their jobs. This may help you avoid unintentionally self-centered behavior. Even when you don’t really need to assist others, make an effort to do so. Altruistic actions often promote greater trust.

6. Finally, consider meeting with a business mentor from time to time.

An experienced executive could supply the sophisticated, honest advice you need to become highly successful for decades to come. Intigro’s business mentoring service may offer just the right solution. For more than two decades, we’ve scheduled one-on-one sessions that help people in business maximize their earnings. To set up a meeting or request further details, please contact Intigro today.

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Obviously, there are no guarantees of success; however, if you do the above, your chances for success are improved.

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