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The Lure of Entrepreneurs

Many people yearn for the freedom associated with success. They have a wide variety of reasons. Some individuals seek to escape unpleasant, boring jobs. Others desire to buy expensive things, take trips, impress friends or become more popular. Success has the potential to end financial hardship and boost self-confidence. However, people often discover that it could harm their wellbeing in several important ways.

When entrepreneurs try to achieve success, they frequently skip enjoyable activities and ignore their friends or families. Countless individuals believe that they need to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, this path to prosperity may make them miserable and destroy the motivation they need to succeed. Even when business people achieve their objectives, many continue to sacrifice the present by overworking themselves and setting new and higher goals.

Potential Downsides of Success

Four out of five business proprietors admit to working excessive hours. Twenty percent say they toil at least 60 hours per week, according to American Express. Sadly, this behavior can trigger a range of serious medical problems. They include insomnia, obesity, depression and heart disease. Many business owners also feel lonely and isolated, according to The Globe and The Daily Mail. Their work separates them from family members and friends. Likewise, they seldom find opportunities to talk about business management with peers.

Some company leaders take vacations and stay home on weekends. Nonetheless, they can still suffer from constant stress. Entrepreneurs and executives often worry about events that could harm their careers. Many feel pressure from board members and stockholders with high expectations. Others regularly think about the dire situations that technological or economic changes could create. Fifty-four percent of CEOs report disappointment with the realities of their jobs.

Even as they struggle with the pressure to maintain high income levels, successful individuals frequently feel shame and guilt. People watch them more closely and scrutinize their behavior. Less prosperous citizens may resent wealthy business owners and make sarcastic comments about their status symbols. At the same time, many successful entrepreneurs feel guilty because friends and acquaintances have worked hard without attaining similar affluence or prestige.

Another problem is that major achievements may separate a person from the most pleasurable aspects of a career. For example, perhaps you own a cafe and enjoy chatting with customers or experimenting with new recipes. Everyone will consider you more successful if you turn your business into a restaurant chain. However, this may force you to spend far more time in offices and vehicles. You could lose your intrinsic motivation and begin to feel that your work has little purpose.

Living with Balance

To avoid stress, unhappiness and health problems, it’s vital to balance work with other parts of your life. You can accomplish this in several different ways.

  • Make key relationships in your life your highest priority.
  • Prioritize a healthy lifestyle.
  • Have fun! Even if you are passionate about your work, pursue other passions you have. Passionate people have numerous passions.

Then organize your business around those priorities. Consider hiring people to perform mundane tasks that you find yourself doing. Remember that employees and contractors won’t reduce your workload if you micromanage them. Think about setting firm boundaries. For instance, you could prohibit all work-related activities on Sunday or after 6 pm.

Find a business mentor to help you banish the ugly side of success. They can provide a fresh perspective on your life and guide you towards achieving balance and boosting efficiency in ways that let you enjoy life again. A business mentor will also relieve feelings of isolation by enabling you to discuss business leadership with a knowledgeable peer. Please contact Intigro to learn more about our affordable entrepreneur mentoring service.

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Obviously, there are no guarantees of success; however, if you do the above, your chances for success are improved.

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